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Subtitles for my 28c3 talk available now

Good news! With the help of some great people, I was able to provide subtitles for the recording of my talk at the 28c3 conference. You can watch the video on youtube and switch on the subtitles as explained in the following screenshot.

Just click on the “CC” button at the left bottom of the video.

How to switch on subtitles

If you have any problems viewing the video, please let me know. Also, I highly appreciate it if you have feedback for me. Just send me an email or drop a comment here. Thanks a lot!

Slides and speaker notes of my talk “Bionic Ears” at 28c3

As promised, I provide the slides of my talk “Bionic Ears” at the 28c3 hacker conference in Berlin.

28c3 “Bionic Ears” Slides

I also offer a version with detailed speaker notes, because especially my hearing-impaired audience might need it to be able to follow. I had to downsample the images in this version to avoid the files getting too big. Please have a look at the “slides only” version for details in the images.

28c3 “Bionic Ears” Slides + Speakernotes

I played different audio samples during the talk, you can download them here:

Sad robot (original)

Sad robot (with hearing loss of high frequencies)

Sad robot (with hearing loss of high frequencies and tinnitus added)

Sound of Cochlear Implants

Update: If you want everything in one packet, you can get it here:

28c3 “Bionic Ears” (Slides, speaker notes and audio samples) (about 20MB)

Sound of my Hearing Loss

At my talk at 28c3, I played a couple of sound files to show my audience how I hear.

The original file is a song “Sad Robot” by “Pornophonique“.

Sad robot (original)

This version has the high frequencies removed, which is typical for a hearing loss.

Sad robot (with hearing loss of high frequencies)

Additionally, I have a nasty tinnitus sound in the frequency range which is affected by my hearing loss. The following file has this sampled in. Since the tinnitus sound is similar to a feedback loop’s sound, you are advised not to play it too loud, because it could destroy audio equipment.

Sad robot (with hearing loss of high frequencies and tinnitus added)

The tinnitus sound is taken from a website which provides a collection of typical tinnitus noises: